vendredi 29 mars 2013

La topless Amina kidnappée et enfermée dans un village loin de Tunis ?

 Photo : News from Amina! Amina is speaking! Amina is at home... Not safe and not free. Amina was kidnapped by police and members of her family who used violence against her. Family of Amina closed her in the house far from Tunisia. Family strictly forbid Amina to comunicate with the world, the tunisian topless warrior doesn't have Internet, mobile phone and can not leave the house being permanently  watched by members of her family. Relatives are claiming that Amina is sick and didn't understand what she was doing because of her psychological problems. So they are giving pills to Amina keeping her closed from the world. All that Amina told journalist of French magazine Marianne  during their short meeting with the sadist family and Amina 
Also Amina's friend Zyed told us yesterday on the phone  that the family and the lawyer of them  are controlling and cutting all calls from friend and supporters of Amina, that he  doesnt know where exactly. He says that the family and the lawyer are doing everything to stop campaign to support Amina.  Also Zyed added that he will not be wondered if the family give pills to Amina against her will. 
We call sadists to stop torturing Amina, we call the world to support Amina and freedom of Arab women, we undertake Islamists to breasts them! Free Amina!

Le groupe Femen a annoncé sur sa page officielle Facebook, jeudi 28 mars 2013, que la topless tunisienne Amina a été kidnappée par la police et par des membres de sa famille qui ont fait usage de violences contre elle.
Selon le groupe Femen, la famille d’Amina l’a enfermée dans un village loin de Tunis et lui donne des antidépresseurs. Amina ne peut pas communiquer avec l’extérieur.

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  1. Etre entièrement libre et en même temps dominé par la loi, c'est l'éternel paradoxe de la vie humaine.


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