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So was Muhammad (salvation Allah upon him)

It is He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, some dislike it though the idolaters .....
We hear in these last days, many ignorant mocking Allah, His verses and His Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and salvation, most of these jokes come from outside, by atheists who treat the Islam religion of ignorance, terrorism and regression, which explains their hostility to the instructions of Islam under the pretext that they are outdated and no longer suitable for this era.
Also to express their hatred of Islam, they broadcast on the Internet pages and publish in various media comments and images shameful as the "freedom of expression"!
Among those who attacked Muslims, a Danish painter who drew caricatures to distort the beautiful image of the great prophet Muhammad peace and salvation to him!
So, is that freedom of expression means in these uncultivated despise the most perfect man God bless Muhammad and salvation?!
It seems that they have not been scientifically criticize Islam, that is why they thought to insult those horrible images, because until now, they have failed to extract scientific misconduct or language of the Holy Qur'an and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to convince their followers.
As Muslims, we have the right to defend our messenger of God, but we do not make fun of their Prophets Moses and Jesus, whom God bless and salvation, because they are innocent of what these infidels, and we emphasize also that there is no difference between the prophets, for they are all God's messengers.
Here is what God said to include those who insult his envoys: "  Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world, as in the Hereafter and prepared for them a humiliating punishment. And those who annoy believing men and the believing women without their having earned it, take care of a calumny and a manifest sin.  "(Al-Ahzab), 57-58.
Thus, our style of expression will be stronger and more convincing than the bad images that embody the dreams of their author.
Below, we will discuss these perverts through science they failed to use it to talk to us! And we will show them the truth of this man merciful: God bless Muhammad and salvation. It does not include his excellent virtues or attributes incomparable qualities that these scoffers do not know and never exercise in their lives, but we will mention in a scientific way and tangible that introduced this great prophet in the Qur'an chanted for 14 centuries and today.
I want to say to unbelievers proud of their so-called science and justice, those who are technically developed countries and who believe in justice and human rights: despite all the knowledge you underestimate the Qur'an because you ' always ignore. The Quran is the first book to invite people to science and justice is essential to the success and continuity of civilization.
In addition, the first word revealed to Muhammad is "  Lis  "!, which means that Islam is a religion of science. In addition, the last revealed word of God is the messenger "  And they will not be wronged.  "which means that Islam is the religion of justice.
Then the messenger of Allah Muhammad certainly you already preceded for many centuries calling for science and justice!
You unbelievers, you assume that you have anticipated the study of history and creatures that inhabit this universe, but read this verse around the Holy Quran invites us to think clearly and directly to the beginning of the creation of the Universe "  Say: "Travel through the earth and see  how He began creation. then Allah creates the generation  ultimate. Allah is Omnipotent  "Sura Al Ankaboût" spider ", verse 20,
This proves that the Qur'an is interested in meditation, research and scientific study.
Upon the death of Ibrahim, son of the Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and salvation, people thought that the sun is eclipsed by his death, but the Prophet Muhammad said, "  The sun and the moon are signs of Allah. They do not eclipse because of the death or birth of anyone.  "(Hadith in Sahih Muslim). By saying these words, he established the scientific basis of astronomy and phenomena of the Universe, whereas previously it was believed that the eclipse is a sign of the birth of a great man, the fall of a governor or loss of a battle.
When Europe was littered with charlatans and magicians with their sorceries, managed to attract most people, the Prophet Muhammad has forbidden and defended these actions, he said: "  whoever  believes that one says charlatan or a sorcerer is then unfaithful to what was revealed to Muhammad  . " 
Historically, the Quran speaks of scientific evidence on the fact that the cosmos has a specific law, then you are led to understand the mechanism of the universe since shortly. Allah says about the Earth, Sun and Moon, "  The sun can not overtake the moon, nor the night outstrip the day, and each orbit in vogue.  "Ya-seen table 40.
When Europe believe there is a god for the wind, a god for rain and another for the flash! The Qur'an has specified how phenomena occur in nature. Take for example the wind, and therefore read this verse: "  And We send the winds fertilizing, and We then descend from the sky rain which We give you to drink and you are not able to keep.  " Al-Hijr, 22.
Our question to you is this: Do not you recently discovered that the role of wind is the fertilization of clouds so the rain falls?
Moreover, still reading the said (Hadith) of our Prophet Muhammad if you want to know the mechanism of the development of Flash that you know for a long time! He said: "  do not you see lightning, how  he goes and returns a wink?  "This Hadith is it not extremely accurate and correct images of lightning that you took with your digital devices?   
Muhammad, may God bless him and salvation, was the first man in history to call for research in the medical field, in his words, he laid the foundation of modern medicine.
He said: "  Allah has created a cure for every disease  ", reported by Al-boukhari.
The Hadith says that there is a treatment for each type of disease, and we have only to look. This is also what your scholars, who by their studies and trials have succeeded in finding the cure of many diseases once considered incurable.
The God sent Muhammad was the first to speak of the universal canvas (cosmic web), in Surah Adh-Dhariyat "that scatter", verse 7:
"  By the sky tracks  perfectly drawn!  "!
You boast of having discovered that the universe was born from a giant explosion, and you say that the universe was a single mass, and its parts are separated from each other.
It is appropriate here to remind you that Muhammad has preceded you in this area before 14 centuries, when nobody had imagined this big explosion of the Universe!  Let us read this verse:
"  Those who disbelieve, do they not see that the heavens and the earth were one solid mass? Then We separated them and made ​​from water every living thing. Do they not then believe?  "Al-Anbiya" prophets ", verse 30.
In fact, if you want to count, you will find hundreds, even thousands of newly discovered scientific truths, and all are mentioned and quoted in the Holy Quran and the said (Hadith) of Muhammad the messenger of God in you -estimate.
Could you read it to know that God Muhammad described as mercy sent to mankind?
For this we say to each deaf: you are in no position to assess the beautiful voice, it is the same for each blind criticism beautiful images!And we said to each person a cold: what you know smells fragrant!
Image Of great Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and salvation remain resplendent despite gossip skeptics. The words of our prophet, peace and salvation to Him, remain the most enjoyable and most sincere despite what atheists do. Also, the light of Allah's Holy Book the Qur'an, she will remain bright even if liars trying to extinguish with their mouths.
Allah says in Surah At-Tawbah "Repentance", verses 32-33:
"  They want to extinguish the light with their mouths Allah, then Allah will complete His light is that some dislike it though the unbelievers. It is He Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, however though the idolaters detest it.  "
O my God! You are the most powerful, and you can punish them as unbelievers do evil in Thy prophet Muhammad.
O Lord who said:
"  Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world, as in the Hereafter and prepared for them a humiliating punishment.  "Al-Ahzâb the" coalition ", 57.
Finally, we repeat all these mocking Allah said:
"  Say: "Laugh! Allah will arise that you take the precaution (hide)  "Has tawba" repentance, "64. 

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